Data import and processing enhancements

New features were added to the latest Development version:

  • Import gravity data from the Scintrex CG-3 instrument dump.
  • Imported coordinates file in CSV format can contain terrain corrections for each station computed by an external software.
  • Format of imported file is recognized automaticaly by the BlueWhaleProcessing software. Current version distinguish between gravity data import and coordinates import only.
  • Detailed terrain data can be imported in CSV format. Terrain data are used exclusively or in conjunction with the SRTM-3 data for computation of terrain corrections using Hammer method.

In addition to the above, several less pronounced enhancements were introduced:

  • Automatic project recalculation with each data change can be suspended in Project properties dialog.
  • Saving of maps grids is controlled from Project propertise dialog. Grid data make project files bigger and increase opening/saving time. On the other hand when grids are not saved, regridding is needed when a map is opened. Not saving grids with project data is a new default.
  • Repeated readings at non-base stations can be excluded from drift calculation. This option is useful when for some reason non-base readings are less reliable than base readings e.g. because of shorter observation span.