Mapping module introduced

Support of stations maps and grid plots including contours was included into the software. Updated modules are available for download in the Development version of the software.

Arbitrary number of maps can be created under a new node Maps in the project structure. Every map can currently contain stations locations plot together with the coloured grid of one of four supported fields, terrain elevations, free air anomalies, Bouguer anomalies or complete Bouguer anomalies. Maps can be plotted in various scales. Export to image file (PNG) is included.

Parameters of maps can be easily adjusted by the use of handy palette toolbox. All parameters are preserved in the project fsp file.

Two methods are currently available for gridding of raw stations data, Inverse Distance Weighting method (IDW) for fast preview and optimized minimum curvature method for precise data analysis and presentation. Parameters of both methods can be adjusted for optimal performance under given survey conditions.

Presented map is a Complete Bouguer Anomaly map from the Survey example, one of the three Sample projects provided with the software.

Mapping module is EXPERIMENTAL at this moment. Please note that significant changes into data structures and many software modules were forced by implementation of the mapping facility. Some of the structures definitions can change in future version which could cause incompatibility of the generated maps with newer versions of the software.

Please feel free to test the new functionality, nevertheless it is not yet recommended to depend on new functions in any critical production environment.