Blue Whale Processing Geophysical Software

Geophysical Software Solution for converting raw potential field data into fully corrected map formats for interpretation by the end user and incorporation into Geographic Information Systems.

Being both user friendly and cost effective, Blue Whale Processing Geophysical Software is being developed as an universal system for the treatment of potential field data from a variety of geophysical techniques to provide a flexible standard presentation that can be incorporated in modeling and presentation of geophysical parameters in a variety of applications, including minerals and hydrocarbon exploration, civil engineering, archaeology, and any GIS related application.

Main features:

  • spreadsheet-style data editing
  • straightforward data processing
  • linear, quadratic or cubic polynomial instrument drift model with all in-loop repetitions included into drift calculations
  • automatic polynomial order determination depending on the degree of freedom, i.e. no. of available repetitions
  • optional built-in Earth’s tides calculation; computed corrections can be reported together with the corrections computed inside the gravity meter
  • two algorithms for terrain corrections computation both based on worldwide available 3-arcSec SRTM data
  • live repetitions statistics for easy quality check
  • automatic computation of absolute gravity, free-air anomalies, Bouguer anomalies and terrain corrections
  • customizable loop reports in HTML format
  • data export in CSV format
  • import gravity data in the Scintrex CG-5 format
  • Lacoste & Romberg gravity meter instrument calibration tables support
  • import geodetic data in CSV format
  • support for the Magellan GNSS Solutions points table format

System requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 or Linux 2.6
  • Sun Java JRE 1.6
  • minimum 1024 Mbyte RAM (2048 Mbyte recommended) and 100 Mbyte HDD free space
  • one free USB port


The latest stable version of the software is available for download at the Downloads page.

Please visit the Support page for help and support. In addition, you can fill-in theĀ Contact form to request support or sales information.

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