Pre-release version software

The software is under continuous development and new versions and updates are made available regularly.

Documentation and context help are limited in the pre-release version.

Help and support

User’s manual in the PDF format is available for download here.

Please visit the Frequently asked questions page for answers to the most common questions not yet covered in the manual.

If needed, you can contact our support team using a method of your choice:

Propose an enhancement

Starting from the version 0.5 of the software you can propose software enhancements to the developers directly from the application. Choose Help -> Report bug / enhancement proposal from the main menu.

Issue reporting

If you discover an issue in the software, you can send a report to developers directly from the application. This feature is available starting from the version 0.5. From the main menu select Help -> Report bug / enhancement proposal. Please, check the Opened Issues Page first to see, whether the same issue was not reported already.

You can track progress of issues and enhancements reports at the Issue Tracker page.

If you would like to have full control over the lifecycle of your reports, you can create your own account and report using the Report Issue link at the Issue Tracker page main menu. Valid e-mail address is required for the Issue Tracker account registration.

Bugzilla is used as the issue tracking engine. Please visit its home page to get more information how to use it.

Usage data collection

Optionaly, data about user actions can be collected and uploaded to the developers. You can learn more at the Usage data collection page.