Usage data collection

Starting from the version 0.5 of the software users can upload usage data to the developers.

Only data about using user interface of the software like menu item selection, button press etc. are collected. No personal data nor projects data are uploaded.

How to apply for data collection:

When you run the application for the secod time, the approval dialog is displayed. Simply accept the submission.

How to stop data collection:

From the main menu select Tools -> Options and on the General tab uncheck the “Usage statistics colection” checkbox.

How to find out that data should be sent:

After some time of using the software a red circle with black center should appear in the lower right corner of the main window. Click on the circle and confirm submission to send the usage data. You can inspect data before submission and/or set automatic submission without prompting.

Conflict with issue reporter:

In case that many usage data are collected but not sent yet, submission of the bug report or enhancement proposal can fail. Usually, second attempt to report issue is successful. If not, please report issue directly at the Issue tracking system.